Arlington Heights Art Guild, P. O. Box 621, Arlington Heights, IL 60005


Meeting date: May 17, 2018

Last meeting for the 2017-18 season. We hope you’ve enjoyed all of our great demos!

MEETING FORMAT and THE USUAL REMINDERS   Please note that we’re starting at 7:15!!!!!

This starting time is for the social portion of the meeting.  The business part will begin at 7:30.

Marcia Kozak will have a Treasurer’s Report available at the meeting for anyone interested. 

Please note: we have a lot to cover tonight (see agenda below).  Members have been arriving around 7:00 to start socializing lately and that’s fine!!  Feel free to come a little early if you want because we’ll be busy once we begin the meeting.

Treats this month will be provided by Joan Zoia, Marcia Carlisle, Kathy Wolan and Tom Warnke.

Prior to the formal Agenda, there will be a silent auction of the pieces done by our demonstrating artists during the year.  These artists have given the pieces to the Guild and the proceeds of the auction will go to the scholarship fund.  Please have cash or checks ready.

MAY MEETING AGENDA—see more information following this Agenda

  1. Scholarship presentation to winners
  2. Presentation, election and installation of new/existing Board members
    1. Mary Devoney replacing Ann Musolf for President
    2. Ann Musolf replacing Kathy Wolan as First Vice President
    3. Kathy Wolan to be Second Vice President
    4. Tom Warnke to combine Recording and Corresponding Secretary positions, taking over for Faith Vickerman as Recording Secretary
    5. Marcia Kozak and Bob Packheiser to remain as Treasurer and Auditor, respectively

Motions will be made to vote by the membership to approve the above candidates.

Not up for election, but the following Committee Chair positions to be filled as shown:

Art Fair—Linda Campuzano and Larry Freson

Historian—Kathy Wolan

Membership—Patti Jostes

Publicity and Program—Eileen Fogell

Exhibition—Paula Rebbeck and Joan Zoia

Hospitality—Tom Rybarczyk

Scholarship—Rita Molepske

  1. Mary Devoney will give a short speech on internet security and fraudulent inquiries to buy art
  2. Paula, Joan, Larry/Linda will give updates on the exhibitions/A Walk in the Park fair.
  3. Mary Devoney will explain the new membership form (enclosed/attached to this newsletter).  YOUR MEMBERSHIP DUES FOR 2018-19 ARE DUE THIS MONTH!  Please see the form for the amount to be paid.
  4. Our critique!
  5. Distribution of the silent auctioned items after payment to Marcia Kozak by the winning bidders


Two of the three winners will be at our May 17th meeting to show us a sample of their work and receive a commemorative check. Jennifer Aguilera-Iannotti, art teacher, will join the students for the presentation.


Our May guest is artist and teacher, Joe Taylor.  He is an Evanston-based commercial artist whose mediums are oil, stained glass, and mosaic.  He has a great eye for looking at paintings and seeing what’s just not right about them.  His critiques are right on spot.  You may remember him from our January 2017 demo when he showed his work with mosaics.  Please bring in a piece that’s fighting you, or you, it.  Perhaps Joe can reach a truce between the two of you.


The Board unanimously voted to investigate improvements to our ongoing microphone problems.  Hopefully, everyone will be able to comfortably hear the speakers soon.

A WALK IN THE PARK—Ongoing reminder

Linda Campuzano and Larry Freson have taken the reins from Kathy Wolan in organizing the art fair this year.  They’re working hard to make it a success.  Please contact them if you have any questions. The application form is available on the website. You’ll have to print it out since it is not an interactive type of file.



Special thanks to Joan Zoia and Paula Rebbeck for their time and effort to get our work in the public’s eye.

For the Senior Center, the current display will be there until pick up/drop off on May 24th between 12 and 1:30 p.m.  FYI, the rotation of artwork at the Senior Center will continue through the summer. The next change will be on July 26th and then again (after our September meeting) on September 27th. 

We are exhibiting at the Arlington Heights Village Hall from March-May, 2018.  Pick up will be the last week of May.


Please bring in any art books/magazines, or good quality art supplies (brushes, paints, paper, etc.) that you no longer need for a free exchange with other members. 



Art Guild member, Jack Denney, passed away in early March.  He was a charming man who will be missed by all who knew or only met him briefly.


Please note that unless you are a member of these organizations, you will not be notified of any changes to information listed here.  Contact them directly if you have questions.

The Elk Grove Village Artists’ Association May meeting is on 23rd at 7:30. Due to the ongoing construction, please contact the Elk Grove Park District at 847-437-9494 about the location. Kathy Wheeler will give an oil demonstration.

Des Plaines/Park Ridge host a watercolor demonstration by Elizabeth Waddington at 7 p.m. on May 18th.  This will be at the PRAL location.



Jill Stark is our Facebook liaison. If you have any questions or suggestions for our page there, please contact her.  Jill’s email is in the directory. 

Here’s the Facebook link:   Please LIKE and FOLLOW to spread the word about our guild and its activities.

Send pertinent and news of interest to Tom Warnke using contact information from our membership directory.

PLEASE remember to bring a can/non-perishable food item for the Wheeling Township Food Pantry.


April 19, 2018

Ann Musolf, President, called the meeting to order at 7:30 and thanked members for hosting.  She reminded us about the Local Color Art Expo at Friendship Park on Sunday, April 22nd, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

Tom Rybarczyk announced that he brought more illustration books to the meeting to give away.


Ann asked for feedback about what to do with the scholarship that wasn’t given to a girl who they could not locate.  Suggestions were to look her up on Google, write a letter with her address at the time, or have a party.


Paula brought to attention the exhibition at the Senior Center on May 24th.  Members please bring one or two pieces of art between 12:00 and 1:30 pm.

Joan asked members to pick up their artwork from the Prospect Heights Library on Monday, April 30th. 

A sign-up sheet was passed around for displaying at the Transition Center, 1200 Arlington Heights Rd.  Drop off is Friday, May 4th at 1 pm.  The art may remain there for a long time, but will be switched in July.

The Arlington Heights Village Hall artworks may be picked up any time during the last week of May. 

Art Fair

Larry reported that 45 to 50 vendors have signed up so far for the Walk in the Park Art Fair.  A walled tent was purchased.  He is working with Linda on the advertising.  He will bring signup sheets for us to the next meeting.


Marcia mentioned that we have one new member, Jim Aguirre.


There is nothing to report at this time

New Officers

Ann is stepping down from President to Vice President.  Mary Devoney will be our new President.  Patti will take on Membership.  Tom Warnke volunteered to take over as Recording Secretary.


Didier Nolet demonstrated a soft pastel landscape.  He also works in oil pastels.  He worked with such ease and accomplished such rich color.

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